About Ronit

About Ronit


Ronit Cohen is an artist who was born in Jerusalem, into a world of jewelry creation.
Her father was the first one in the family who embraced the art and transforms it into a job full of passion.

Ronit Jewelry collection is inspired from absolute nature, and offers a beautiful and clean line of perfect harmony with both the past and the present. Gold, Silver and metals coated with 24K gold reveal an extraordinary design and the finished creation still possess an imprint of the raw material.

All the jewelry is handmade, resulting in a unique style for each piece.The collection reflects a deep personality, which conveys an interconnection between inspiration, art and jewelry. The belief in the synergy between nature’s materials and artisan ship is expressed in her jewelry, which combines a raw look and authentic touch.

Her designs have attracted many loyal customers local and from aboard.The collections are home-produced in her workshop, with a high demand formality in the creation process.